mandag 30. august 2010

coq au vin II

Ok, so I promised you a clip from the first stage of preparing a rooster for Coq au Vin... This is when the rooster gets it - first in the head and then in the throat. The procedure might seem a bit grotesque to some of you, but I would say it´s way more "humane" than what goes on in most moder slaughterhouses. The actual killing was performed by a professional. As you can see, the film clip is just over a minute long, so the rooster died in less than a minute. The resulting food: Coq au Vin (rooster in wine) was fantastic and the meat was really good, quite differet from chicken, the taste was more like dark meat actually. A great Thanks! goes out to our hosts Geir and Søssa, and to Cleo the woman with the steady hand that performed the actual deed. Thank you! It was a truly great saturday that ended in a real feast!

Neither the puppy nor the rooster have the slightest idéa what´s going to happen next...

Just as a precaution: This video clip may be a bit much for the weak at heart, so if you´re one of them: Don´t watch it!

The puppy was very pleased with getting the roosters head as a snack afterwards

And I got the feet for my voodoo rituals...

The resulting dish: Coq au Vin, (the picture does not do it justice at all) it was totally delicious!

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