tirsdag 25. januar 2011

more Swedish chopper goodness from the 1970s

Here´s yet another bunch of fabulous Swedish choppers from the golden age. All (again) from the magazine Colorod, this time issue 2 1971 (and actually the second issue ever). Click for bigger versions.

Take a good look at the yellow Triumph at the bottom of the post... the assymetric molded tank and paint job, the crazy high bars, open primary, extended harley springer, sky high pipes and sizzy bar... so weird and oh sooo coool...

I do not watermark my scans because I think it´s ugly and the pictures aren´t really mine to start with, I just scan them from old mags and publish them. So, feel free to steal and reblog my scans, but please do not put your own watermarks on them, and please remember to tell them where you found them! Thanks!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Grymt bra

    Har du Hoj magasinet bilder oxå? Har några ex själv, ger dig bilder om du vill.

  2. Tack för komplimangen!

    Har en trave gamla Hojmaggan åxå, men jag kör Colorod en stund framöver först, så får vi se senare. Men tack för erbjudandet i alla fall!


    Johan Urban