onsdag 22. juni 2011

back at the dump

after an intermission making a public commision at a customs station (see post below), I´m now officially back working at the dump :-)

Here are some of the latest finds:

a cardboard box full of Mechanics Illustrated from the 50s (Yes!)

a morse key

an educational box of teeth, real and artificial (find of the day!)

a pistol (looks kind of real, but is rather for decorative purposes)

a blood centrifuge (in working condition!)...

a really cool old spotlight cover

a Braille typewriter (I have no blind friends, but if I had I could now write letters to them...)

an unopened kitchy bottle of Barcelona made Brandy

a nice fur hat (will come in handy when the winter comes)

a comical little handmade hanger with a loose head

a very nice Italian vase (I love orange)

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