mandag 26. september 2011

last weeks garbage treasures

a nice Pegasus "hood ornament" from a DBS bicycle

two crazy, pot smoking monkeys made from coconut

a lunch box

a large (!) hook

a flat ferret

a heavy cast iron door knocker

a lone piper

a bunch of sexy sauna guys on an LP cover

a small (fully functional) stobe light

a drum majors staff

a handmade troll-witch (folk art at it´s best)

a handmade wooden troll lamp (folk art at it´s best, again)

two wise monkeys... See No Evil is missing, unfortunately

an old can of floor varnish (really great graphics)

a Vespa, unfortunately in a bad state

a bunch of stuff from the Wild West

and last but not least: a reproduction of a painting of a girl with a glass of absinthe (my favourite drink), painting is called Claudel and was painted by Marcel Dyf

2 kommentarer:

  1. Are these dumpster finds or flea market finds?

  2. As an artist I sometimes find it difficult to make ends meet. So I work extra at the city dump, or rather a small local brach of the city dump. People throw away the weirdest things, and I´m happy as a lark ;-)