mandag 16. januar 2012

Oops! Wow!

I subscribe to a couple of high quality magazines about motorcycles... I love these small format mags and sometimes when I get one of them in the mail, I don´t even take a quick peek, but I save it for later when I have good time and can really enjoy it. Last weekend I read the latest issue of Dice, my absolute favourite of these mags, that I actually got a couple of weeks ago...

Lo And Behold!!!

Towards the end of the mag I see something that almost makes me fall off my chair: My own litte book, "Mikä Helvetti Toion Saatana", is actually in the "Reviews..." section! Of course I shouldn´t be that surprised, since I sent the book to the guys at Dice myself, but I never dreamt that they would actually put it in the mag. I´m deeply honored: Thank You!

This probably also explains why I got a couple of book orders lately...

You too can own this little book, now endorsed by Dice magazine...

Just go HERE and place your order now!

p.s. just a note: the soundtrack for the book is NOT on a CD, you can listen to it or download it for free HERE, and, by the way, the pictures are not taken in Finland, they are taken at Norrtälje Custom Bike Show, Sweden, but most, though not all, of the bikes are finnish.

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