onsdag 10. november 2010

MC-Nytt #7, 1977

This is what I was reading, as a youth, way back in 1977, while listening to Ramones´ "Leave Home". Doing those two thing at the same time was actually a dilemma in those days; beeing interrested in motorcycles AND listening to punkrock was NOT accepted, at least in Gävle, Sweden, where I grew up. You had to choose or get beat up and friendless. I choose punkrock, at least officially (I kept reading motorcycle mags though, but I kept it a secret).

I do not watermark my scans because I think it´s ugly and the pictures aren´t really mine to start with, I just scan them from old mags and publish them. So, feel free to steal and reblog my scans, but please do not put your own watermarks on them, and please remember to tell them where you found them! Thanks!

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