onsdag 18. april 2012

junk, junk, junk

been busy working... here are some of the latest finds

a crazy sombrero in green and gold... Olé!

vintage mothballs... actually an empty box, but I just love the design

an old vibrator in original package, missing one battery (again great vintage design)

a really nice couple: an empty blue handgranade and a syphon, I like the way they talk to each other

a handcolored photography

an old cartridge box

a beautiful silver and enamel broch, vintage norwegian design

and last, but not least: an absolutely amazing old clock! We´re talking genuine folk-art here. The old lady who was throwing it away told me it was handmade in the mid 1920s by a man who was in love with her grandmother and gave it to her. The clock is in need of some serious fixing, but that will be just fun! I love the details on this one! Just look at the devil with the scythe and the sitting damoiselles on the loose top part...

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