fredag 27. april 2012

stuff I found...

...laying around...

an art deco metal vase

boxing gloves

an old experimental devise from a school... you´re supposed to put ether in the metal tube and then send electricity to the spark plug and it shoots out the rubber plug!

a fully operational Fein saw, these are really expensive, unfortunately the saw blade are also not exactly cheap...

a WWII german gas mask (you know the nazis invaded Norway in 1940)

two boat laterns

a biker memory stick...

an old microphone (I´m thinking tail light for the Sportster here)

a wooden owl

don´t know what they are called in english, you know what they are, now I can write a novel in metal, (some helpful soul told me they are called punches)

a 2x40watt Roland guitar amp in a nearly unused condition! works like a charm!!!

a really old sewing machine

an old tea box

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