torsdag 30. september 2010

R.I.P. Tony Curtis


What´s your interpretation?

  • Don´t just stand there naked, get your clothes on and get to work!
  • Don´t try to fix it yourself, you moron, let the man with the big wrench do it!
  • If you´re a trained mechanic; don´t hang out with naked people, it looks akward!

fredag 24. september 2010

David Mann legacy

(click for bigger picture)

This is actually a picture of me when I was.., well I really don´t know.., but I would guess about 11 or 12 or something. That was way back in the mid -70s, as you can see from the bell bottoms and the David Mann t-shirt. But hey, where the heck did I get that t-shirt? I was living in a small town in Sweden, Scandinavia, so you could´t just walse down to the local drugstore and get your David Mann t-shirt. But I probably bought it at the Hot Rod Show in Stockholm, where my dad used to follow me once a year, after I had bugged him for weeks and months about it (here and here are some bikes from the Hot Rod Show from my old blog).

torsdag 23. september 2010

sometimes you don´t even have to try very hard

Got me some good stuff for free today. Someone didn´t want it; Thank you, whoever you are!

onsdag 22. september 2010

Ekeberg Marked

I went to Ekeberg flea market here in Oslo last saturday. I came late so I suppose most of the good stuff was long gone. But here are a few impressions anyway.

fredag 17. september 2010


Since there is a lot of really old bikes on the internet these days, in connection with "The Pre 1916 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run", I though I´d publish a picture that is kind of special. Take a close look at that Rudge...

The Rudge is in fact 6 3/4 inch (ca 15 cm, a scale of 1:12) long and belongs to the garage in The Queens Dolls´ House, built in the 1920s as a gift for Queen Mary (1867-1953). It can be seen in Windsor Castle. I read that the engine of the Rudge is actually a fully functional gasoline engine!

dream house

I want to live in this house!

new temporary studio

That, on the other hand, is me. Standing in my new temporary studio, still looking a bit angry about how the owners have handeled the leakage and the mold in my other studio...

tirsdag 14. september 2010

Torsby fordonsmuseum

No, that´s not me and it´s unfortunately not my workspace either (pitures from the museum of vehicles in Torsby, Sweden)

fredag 10. september 2010

Dog fight

I went to the opening of an art exhibition last night. These two young dogs had a fun fight performance.


actually a design by my oldest son Elias, he made it a couple of years ago when he was 7 years of age (that is, the white form is his making, the text is mine)

caught in a web

I´ve said it before and I will say it again

onsdag 8. september 2010


I love Finland for so many different reasons...

(the text says "Finland, the best country in the world to live in" and it´s an illustration I stole on the web somewhere, referring to a study about which country in the world is the best one to live in)

p.s. I made this finnish-titled-chopper-and-octopus-book a couple of years ago. It will soon be available in the webshop I´m working to set up

torsdag 2. september 2010

the good old days

I found this in my grandfathers photo collection. I know it´s blurry, but I think it´s kind of cool anyway

The Fall, again

I just read a record review in Uncut by one David Stubbs. It conserned the release of an album compilation of live tracks from The Fall, one of my all time favourite bands. I felt I had to quote the end of the review here:

"... suggesting that despite Mark E Smith being an absolute one of a kind at absolute odds with the world, The Fall are the very secret essence of rock´n´roll."

Well spoken there, David!