fredag 23. mars 2012

Help me!

Can anyone help me identify this drum break hub..? I haven't got a clue where it originally came from, but I would like to know... Anyone?

mandag 19. mars 2012

garbage heart

haven´t been working much at the dump lately, but last week I did... Here´s what I found:

ceramic boobs on stars and stripes... absurd art-piece by canadian born Lenny Goldenberg, now living on Bornholm

nice old record sleeve, "chistmas eve"

queen Victoria commemorative tin

viking ship

and last but not least, a very nice art deco lamp, a bit broken but still very nice

torsdag 8. mars 2012

don´t sell your soul

If you happen to be interrested in stuff other than purely the type I´m posting her, you could visit my new blog "don´t sell your soul to buy peanuts for the monkey". It follows the working process that will lead to my next solo-exhibition in Centralgalleriet in Gävle, Sweden. It´s mostly in Swedish, but there are some pretty pictures to look at (and some not so pretty, but the more weird).

Colorod Issue 2, 1981

A rather ugly but kind of charming Honda, "made in Sweden" 1981