mandag 5. november 2012

Instagram on the web

Now you can check out my Instagram pictures without a smartphone, directly on the web, right here:

torsdag 28. juni 2012


I have to admit that I spend a lot more time on Instagram on my iPhone these days than I do in the blogosphere. It's much faster and more fun. If you have enjoyed my blog and you are on Instagram, I think you would like my stuff there too. Check it out! I'm @johanurban over there. And if you have a smartphone, but are not already an Instagram user, I really think you should consider it. It's instant and lots of fun!!!

lørdag 12. mai 2012

Gjutjärn Charity Bike Show

The other day I found an unused Canon scanner in the garbage... I already have a scanner, but this one had the extra parts for scanning b/w negatives. So today I scanned some old ones. The pics below were taken at Gjutjärn Charity Bike Show in Uppsala, Sweden. I really don´t remember what year this was, but it must have been in 1987 or -88, I think... Some really nice eighties swedish choppers here...

please click for bigger pictures

p.s. The bike in the last picture is powered by a genuine Swedish racing v-twin called Hedlund

fredag 11. mai 2012

fredag 27. april 2012

stuff I found...

...laying around...

an art deco metal vase

boxing gloves

an old experimental devise from a school... you´re supposed to put ether in the metal tube and then send electricity to the spark plug and it shoots out the rubber plug!

a fully operational Fein saw, these are really expensive, unfortunately the saw blade are also not exactly cheap...

a WWII german gas mask (you know the nazis invaded Norway in 1940)

two boat laterns

a biker memory stick...

an old microphone (I´m thinking tail light for the Sportster here)

a wooden owl

don´t know what they are called in english, you know what they are, now I can write a novel in metal, (some helpful soul told me they are called punches)

a 2x40watt Roland guitar amp in a nearly unused condition! works like a charm!!!

a really old sewing machine

an old tea box

torsdag 19. april 2012

today at the junk yard

a Walther (?) copy cap gun (nice and heavy)

a small vise

I´m a sucker for old oil cans

german WWII first aid gauze

folk art letter holder (not much use for that these days... try putting your e-mails in it...)

an old bicycle lamp

a pin-up plate

onsdag 18. april 2012

junk, junk, junk

been busy working... here are some of the latest finds

a crazy sombrero in green and gold... Olé!

vintage mothballs... actually an empty box, but I just love the design

an old vibrator in original package, missing one battery (again great vintage design)

a really nice couple: an empty blue handgranade and a syphon, I like the way they talk to each other

a handcolored photography

an old cartridge box

a beautiful silver and enamel broch, vintage norwegian design

and last, but not least: an absolutely amazing old clock! We´re talking genuine folk-art here. The old lady who was throwing it away told me it was handmade in the mid 1920s by a man who was in love with her grandmother and gave it to her. The clock is in need of some serious fixing, but that will be just fun! I love the details on this one! Just look at the devil with the scythe and the sitting damoiselles on the loose top part...