fredag 28. oktober 2011

Sweden 1974

fresh scans from Colorod issue 4, 1974

I do not watermark my scans because I think it´s ugly and the pictures aren´t really mine to start with, I just scan them from old mags and publish them. So, feel free to steal and reblog my scans, but please do not put your own watermarks on them, and please remember to tell them where you found them! Thanks!

søndag 23. oktober 2011


sweet leather jacket (w. Suzuki patches) and ruling glasses (w. polka dots)

leather pouch w. mini bottles for your traveling needs

red vodka in a car bottle

cocktail shaker

metal box with deer on it


tin box

babe bottle

nice vase

torsdag 20. oktober 2011

what the mailman brought

A good luck demon taillight from Brat Style (Japan). It was a bit on the pricey side, but absolutely worth it. Really nice! Thanks!

and a box full of bikesploitation movies from Trash Palace (wow!) to fill some of the many gaping holes in my collection. Thanks!

pointing gnome

LPs and books

I also found some LPs

and some books with nice graphics on the cover

Deaths Backyard

Spies and Bombs (1938)

The Troll Pine (1946)

work, work, work...

... and some finds

an agv helmet (needs some fixing)

street sign: bumpy road ahead (story of my life...)

nice cigar box with owl

dog corkscrew

nice hanger

Danger, high voltage

vintage vibrator...

fully functional metal detector


model Viola

a poppy cup (for that special poppy-tea...)

a couple of racing flags

three interresting VHS´s

a combination vise-anvil

vintage cough syrup for grown ups (not sure if I dare try it...)

a V-twin...