mandag 19. desember 2011

Colorod Issue 9, 1979

It´s been some time since I last posted scans from my old swedish magazines, but here are some nice chops from the late 1970s.

I do not watermark my scans because I think it´s ugly and the pictures aren´t really mine to start with, I just scan them from old mags and publish them. So, feel free to steal and reblog my scans, but please do not put your own watermarks on them, and please remember to tell them where you found them! Thanks!

søndag 18. desember 2011

Too late for christmas

Ok, now it´s probably way too late for christmas, but this stuff works just fine after christmas too, so get your orders in.

HERE is Uncle Berkas Fun Shop

You can also get my other books, a tin panhead necklace and a nice T-shirt with a sportster on the back, in the shop:

fredag 16. desember 2011

Garbage for christmas

last weeks finds

goggles and earphones

fully funktional dremel tool with extra parts

Boss distortion (nice color too)

unused dustmask (perfect)

Alien mug

an artificial poppy...

a brand new Stetson, the real deal, made in the U.S. of A.

X marks the spot (suppose you can figure out the function of this one)...

a great fur hat for when the real winter comes

and last but not least, an old neon sign

fredag 9. desember 2011

New old stuff

just some more good finds

a really cool 12 string Eko Cobra (italian cult guitar), unfortunately in a bad state...

a couple of horns that someone carved a dragon and a cock into, will be great on the mantelpiece (that I don´t have...)

a Marilyn sign

a russian army hat

an old guilded pedestal with marble top and a chair that doubles as stairs

a german beer mug with a beer-gnome on

an art deco lamp

a water filter that may be rebuilt into a nice oilbag

lørdag 3. desember 2011

Last chance gifts for X-mas...

Ok, I admit it´s not really Last Chance, but it´s probably last chance if you want to make sure it arrives before Christmas. But anyway this book is good reading, with lots of nice pictures, before OR after Christmas, so get your orders in now!

HERE is Uncle Berkas Fun Shop

You can also get my other books and a nice T-shirts in the shop:

torsdag 24. november 2011

tirsdag 22. november 2011

The Kills

Went to Paris last weekend, saw The Kills. They are really cool, check´em out!

lørdag 19. november 2011

garbage junky

last weeks finds

hand cuffs

fully operational docking station for my iPod/iPhone

an unused firemans jacket (wool)

what o´clock is it?

orange lamp (I love orange)

orange lamp 2 (I told you)

piggy bank (nice squarish glass design)

wooden surfer

a small bench grinder (orange...)

fredag 18. november 2011

onsdag 9. november 2011

XLCH 1961

My new wheels came in a trailer today. There´s a lot of work to do, but it´s a good starting point I guess...

tirsdag 8. november 2011

garbage, junk, leftovers... it what you want, I call it treasures

Motorcraft key-holder

nice candleholder


Japplakk (god I love old norwegian paint box design!)

some nicely handcrafted jewelery

position light


a melting pot

tin box from NK (old swedish department store Nordiska Kompaniet)

brass insecticidal sprayer

21´ front wheel w. good rubber