onsdag 31. august 2011

"Dollar" Sullivan

This time I have dug really deep down into my collection of Swedish motor magazines from my own childhood/youth. I´ve published stuff from the mag Colorod before, but there were actually other mags as well, even if Colorod was absolutely the best. There were also Power! and Wheels (and some more that I won´t go into now). Today I have scanned from both Colorod (1976), Power! (1977) and Wheels (1978), but the bike is the same from all three of the mags.

I would go so far as to say that it´s probably one of the most legendary Swedish choppers ever. It´s "Dollar" Sullivans Triumph, nothing too exteme, but a really clean and cool chopper from the golden age. At the bottom of the page is my own photographic interpretation of the bike. I took the blurry pic with my Kodak Instamatic at Hot Rod Show in Stockholm, Sweden, some time in the late seventies.

I do not watermark my scans because I think it´s ugly and the pictures aren´t really mine to start with, I just scan them from old mags and publish them. So, feel free to steal and reblog my scans, but please do not put your own watermarks on them, and please remember to tell them where you found them! Thanks!

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