onsdag 22. desember 2010

masonic mystery box II

If you follow my blog, maybe you saw a post I did some weeks ago, about a strange masonic box that I bought in a small, mysterious, curiosity shop in Oslo. If you didn´t, you can read it HERE. Today I was on my way home and I thought I´d pop in to that little strange shop again, to see if maybe he had some wax of the old hard kind for sealing christmas gifts. When I was a kid you could buy that stuff in every book store before christmas, but today I´ve been in at least 5, without any luck. So I thought the old geezer in the curiosity shop might have some laying around. The shop was actually still there, despite my dark thoughts last time, but it was closed, no sign or anything, just closed. I went in to the paint shop next door to enquire, and this is what the manager there told me "He´s dead.., he´s dead... died last sunday..." I was quite shocked to hear this, because two months ago, when I bought the box of him, he seemed in perfectly good health. My thoughts again wondered off to those 1950s horror comic books that I thought about last time... What had happened to the nice, but rather strange old man, who had claimed he was a freemason himself..?

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