torsdag 30. desember 2010

Norwegian Black Metal

Ok, this is the way it is... I´m from Sweden, but I´ve been living in Norway for the past sixteen- seventeen years. Also: For the last sixteen- seventeen years I have seen the quality of Norwegian Black Metal (the best!). My favorite in the genre is Satyricon with Sigurd Von Graven as a leadinging man.

Still... I´m an old man, and I find it kind it fascinating and strange when I get to a party and the table is already full of half-empty bottles of "WONGRAVEN"... From the lable of the bottles I learn that Sigurd von Graven - as I said front man of Satyricon - has done a deal with an italian wine merchant and they´ve made a red wine by the name of WONGRAVEN... Black Metal and italian red wine... whadda giveme?

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